Moon Temple

Have you ever felt the need to connect at a deeper level?

At Moon Temple, we create a safe sacred space for all women to honour and celebrate the divine feminine spirit and help reconnect to one’s Self.  Like a red tent, Moon Temple allows ‘time out’ from our busy lives where you are held and heard in circle with other like-minded women.

Women have been sitting in circle longer than they haven’t been.

When we sit in circle, not only are we creating a supportive community, we are teachers for each other, and when women find their voice, and speak their truth, women reconnect with the ancient, knowing and spiritual part of their Selves.

Kind Words

“I had such an amazing night at Danielle's Moon Temple. She held the space so beautifully, allowing each and every women to go on their own special journey and receive all they needed to receive from our time in circle together. There is nothing more special than allowing ourselves to surrender into the energy of other women and to be held when we need it most, and Danielle's temple is not only stunningly beautiful, but the energy there is magical. My advice... get along to anything that you can there! You won't be disappointed.”

Carlee Modra

“What an incredible night – such a moving experience for me! Thank you, thank you, Dr Danielle, for creating a sacred woman space like this. The Moon Temple is a place where we, as modern women, can connect with our roots and be reminded of our power to transform through cycles and community.  I loved the fluid nature of storytelling, ritual, sound healing and shamanic drumming, as it created a safe space to connect, grow and heal with the divine feminine. I look forward to many more!"  

Belinda G

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