Welcome the Maiden


When women gather in circle celebrate our cycles and seasons , we celebrate life, death, birth and rebirth and this very powerful medicine for us all.

The Spring Equinox or Ostara is a time when the maiden aspects of ourselves is embraced and honoured and we can feel into what magic or teaching she brings into our lives.
At the Equinox, day and night are equal and the Maiden celebrates her fertility and her capacity for new growth.

Life begins anew and we see an Emerging of our Selves from the Shadow.

What are we passionate about, what are our dreams?

We will take this opportunity as a community of sisters to embrace Ostara’s passion for new life and soul purpose.

We will weave magic that will allow our own lives take the new direction we have wanted to for so long.

Our dream seeds have been planted and we will tend the new growth.

The actual Spring Equinox is September 23rd ( but I am at a Wedding ) and when I was dreaming of this celebration I was thinking of mid summer’s night dream ( but in Spring)

Think flowing long gowns or skirts and flowers in our hair sitting at long table under the sky with food, flowers, laughter and music all under the gaze of Grandmother TreeLet’s embrace the carefree Maiden for a night and have some fun with our sisters.

As Ostara celebrates the Rabbit and Eggs ( Easter anyone ?)  you may wish to paint and decorate a blown egg ( remember this from when we were children ?) and bring a long to place around our altar.

As a suggestion you may wish to decorate your egg on the Equinox and feel into what is your new direction or what will be emerging from your dream seed ?
Cannot wait to see you there

Danielle  xx