Welcome all, come and join me as we sit together in this sacred space.

I am Dr Danielle Arabena.

I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a mother and a wife to my beloved.

I am the keeper of the crossroads between magic and medicine.

Bringing together my extensive experience as a medical doctor and a shamanic healer, I stand at the crossroads between life, death, birth and rebirth.

My life has always been about service, compassion and healing.

As a medical consultant and educator, and having reclaimed myself as a healer I wish to be of service to you. Through my own transformation, formal higher education studies, trials and shamanic journeying, I have arrived into my true authentic Self as an Alchemic practitioner acting as a bridge between the two worlds… where magic operates within the scientific realm.

Alchemy relates to the perfection of the body and soul and the transmutation of one’s Self into something more... it is a process, believe me.

I want to listen to your story and a hold a loving, sacred, safe space for you to reclaim those hidden parts of yourself to become whole once again.

It can be heart opening, loving and humbling.

It can be wild.

It’s a labor.

Elements of yourself will fall away and new aspects discovered.

I am here to guide you. To walk beside you. To act as your “spiritual midwife”.

It’s a birthing alchemy of your Self from the physical through to the spiritual.

This is my offering to the world initiated through my Healing clinics, Holistic Pelvic Care clinics, workshops (including Birth Drum Alchemy), moon temple and meditation circles.

As a shamanic practitioner and teacher of women’s mysteries, it is my strong-held belief that we must actively honour our sacred path as we stand before major crossroads, major altars or turning points in our lives.

Are you feeling the call to connect to your Higher Self, to Spirit and your Community?

With more ritual, more ceremony and more magic in our lives, we can connect fully to the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, our community and our true Self.



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