I act as a bridge between the two worlds…. where magic operates within the scientific realm.

Menstrual Wellness Consultations

13 Moons Medical Menstrual Wellness Consult

 I bring together all of my scientific, medical and shamanic healing knowledge to improve your menstrual symptoms and cycles, and reconnect you to the magic of your blood.

Healing Sessions

Along with my medical training, I am a qualified massage therapist, Reiki Master and crystal
therapist using a fusion of shamanic techniques including breathwork, colour therapy and live
drumming to restore balance and deep relaxation.

Holisitc Pelvic Care

This unique healing therapy is deeply sacred
‘women’s business’ and is an empowering integrative modality for women wanting to bridge
allopathic medicine, energetic and spiritual work, and most importantly connect to your inner
authentic core vitality.

Doula Services

I have recently become a qualified Doula and am excited to help you bring your baby into this world with sacred birth.


More Kind Words

Danielle helped our daughter’s birth be a sacred and moving experience, the best day of our lives.

I truly believe Danielle’s support both in the preparation for the birth, as well as on the day, helped me have a quick and trouble – free labour (I went from 4cm to 10cm in 50 minutes, and only pushed for 11 minutes for my first baby). But even if I’d ended up with a difficult labour with complications, I am certain Danielle’s presence would have ensured this was still the most beautiful day of our lives, by giving us the support we needed and helping us to stay in control of the situation and to deal with changes.

Our daughter was so lucky to have been born into the beautiful energy Danielle helped us to weave, and I know they will have a special bond forever.