Healing Clinic

Healing Clinic

Due to my commitments as general practitioner, I hold space for my healing clinic and clients on a monthly basis. Along with my medical training, I am a qualified massage therapist, Reiki Master and crystal therapist using a fusion of shamanic techniques including breathwork, colour therapy and live drumming to restore balance and deep relaxation. Come and work with me. I take a dedicated and integrated approach to help you harmonise your own health, spiritual healing and emotional wellbeing.

Kind Words

‘Danielle is a profound and gifted healer. After our session, I felt aligned and grounded yet light as a feather. The creative blocks I’d been struggling with melted away effortlessly and an undeniable synchronicity began happening all the time. Calling on all her beautiful gifts, including massage, crystal healing, meditation, sound healing and drumming work, Danielle wove a space that was truly magic. Her work is alchemy, and you must get her on your healing team immediately.’

tahlee, Sonesence