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Kind Words

Dr Danielle Arabena's devotion to her craft is palpable. Her commitment to leading women down a path of deep healing, re-connection and transformation is instantly evident in all that she does and her charisma, expertise and wonderful sense of humour combine to create her unique brand of magic. A woman on the rise, this Goddess is one to watch!

Rebecca van Leeuwen - Soul Sister Circle

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My Journey with Lilith

Lilith as a Goddess represents our suppressed divine feminine energy, our exile and also our journey into reclaiming. She has been tarnished as unsuitable, unlovable, a harlot and the beginner of Our demise. But those who have journeyed with her

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About Me

I am Dr Danielle Arabena. I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a mother and a wife to my beloved. I am the keeper of the crossroads between magic and medicine. A medical doctor and a shamanic healer, I stand at

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