My Journey with Lilith

I wanted to reach out and make a heartfelt connection with you. I wanted to welcome all the new people who have signed up to my website – but I hesitated. I procrastinated. I told myself stories that kept me from doing the work I am here for and meant to be doing. So this is me – warts and all. If you have seen me present or have seen me as a doctor or healer you know what I am about. Despite being likely to swear or say something inappropriate at any given moment, I care about you deeply.  So the Lilith energy that is asking me to reclaim, to step in, to show up and to midwife the transformation for those who seek it, is telling me “not to worry about semantics just get on with telling the fucking story Danielle.” The energy of Lilith has been calling me for months. In March I presented three workshops at the Seven sisters festival to over 300 women. I talked about all the things I love and feel passionately about as a holistic women’s health specialist – namely vaginas and menstruation. The feedback I received was humbling, so many beautiful women approached me personally and online to share their insights and ahaaa moment from these workshops. It was here I realised I can do more to help optimise menstruation experiences for women, I had already done the shamanic exploration on the pathology of menstrual conditions like PCOS and endometriosis, and I held knowledge of how to improve menstruation through nutrition and a whole health approach, hence the Menstrual Wellness Consultations were born.  March also saw my first Women In Medicine Circle and following conversations with health professionals who have reached out, I am excited to announce I will be holding circles and mentoring / workshops for the ‘hidden‘ and uncover healers working in any health profession who want bridge the medical and spiritual worlds. (Sign up to the special email list here if you would like to receive information about Bridging Alchemy). I also attended the Doula conference as was so excited to see the value and space holding Doulas do for women and families. This conference also highlighted to me the importance of support for women and families before birth and after and how the health system can sometimes fail in this. During all this time I had been feeling a tattoo design call me. Over Easter the design dropped in and I got the tattoo about one month ago. She represents all of my magic as a healer and doctor. The design incorporates a crystal representing my first healing modality, the snake and plant medicine. The moon phases representing my work with women through all phases of her life from birth, menarche, pregnancy, menopause and death. The day after I got the tattoo I went on to deliver a weekend cultural immersion at Cherbourg and Bunya Mountains for medical doctors and I wove the story of my tattoo and what it represents into my teaching.  The tattoo is pretty big so there is no more hiding who I am  – so in total Lilith style I leant into the discomfort and ignored the thoughts in my head about how doctors should look/act and I stepped up and owned it….and it was pretty fucking good hahah. After arriving home exhausted, I was sitting on the couch watching Netflix and saw what I thought was a coiled rope on the couch. Then I saw a pattern and realised it was a snake. I got up with my camera and was awed by what I saw. This beautiful python snake who I named Lilith stayed with us for three weeks (check out my Instagram posts here). True to her  magic she held space for myself and those that came to my Lilith moon temple and healing sessions were greatly transformed. I love how her visitation coincided with the energy of my tattoo and the opening of powerful astrology portals, winter solstice and the dark moon.   I also cannot stop thinking about the Lilith moon temple and the magic that was created.  We did some powerful work where we explored our own stories of suppression and what we were told we were or what we were supposed to do. We are too dramatic, too loud, too strong, too weak, too fat,  too lazy, too much and too loving. To watch women realise the bullshit behind these suppression stories and what is the magic they bring instead made my heart feel tender and happy.

How can you bring Lilith into your life? Well a good place to start is to read about Lilith, explore what your stories of suppression are, write them down and burn them because they aren’t you! Much love until next time (Fuck knows when that will be hahaha soon I hope) Take care, Dr Danielle xx SaveSave]]>

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4 thoughts on “My Journey with Lilith

  1. In true Lillith fashion…. I began reading this article with a little contempt, as she is known…. “Sure, sure you are working with Lillith” my noise said.

    Then I felt her there, in your words, in your intent, in your truth, She Lives. THANK YOU.

    Kudos to you Dr Arabena, you are ROCKING that awesome tattoo and I am so very excited to hear of your work, and the bridging of the worlds between the medical profession and menstrual wisdom.

    The Red Tide is certainly rising. May we find our way to know and trust Her.

    1. My Name is Ian Higginson , i am 44 yrs old and lilith entered my life around 4 years ago ,at the time i had a massive addiction to cocaine .I had taken it for around 20 years at the time and my life was not great. I lived in a house with my girlfriend that had been built on grounds which were very spiritually active.
      I started to get drawn to lilith when i was researching spiritual activity etc online, The pull or attraction was something i couldn’t ignore … it was like a magnet pulling me , this is the only way i can describe things and this was the start of my long and at times dangerous journey .
      The first time i contacted Lilith i was very naive and looking back what i did was dangerous …….. but i was not afraid as i knew inside Lilith had no intention of hurting me ………..The first ritual i ever performed for Lilith caught her attention lets just say and i certainly knew she was present , a shadow of a tree appeared as it slid up the wall in clear view , the air thickened and cold bursts of air rushed past my body and face, i performed the ritual at am ,the following eve when me and my girlfriend were going up to bed an owl landed on our bedroom window and watched me ,not taking its eyes off me for a good 3 or 4 mins .
      So many things have happened over the last 3 years , i no longer have a cocaine addiction , i was given help by Lilith ,she is an amazing ,strong woman that i can honestly say i trust and love , she is in my life and i am thankful , what an amazing woman and im proud to be under her very attentive watchful eye .

      1. Just thought id just post this after reading more poisonous non facts about lilith that i feel are not true …………. Lilith = baby killer (not true in my opinion) because her role with god was to take the lives of POORLY babies to ease suffering …. not to blatantly murder them ….for a female baby she had to ease the suffering within the first 8 days of birth and for a male baby 12 days , this was a role created for her by GOD.
        She left the garden of eden as Adam would not give her equal respect. Not sounding very fair this is it on lilith , and now the christian church has turned her role given by god into her being a blatant murderer …… Christianity has turned an amazing strong woman into a demonic nightmare which she is not , i work with her and my life has got better not worse ……. She wont suffer fools and if your intent is right and true youll find an eternal friend in this lady . Do your homework before casting stones as you may just be throwing them at the wrong person.

  2. Goosebumps!!!!

    Resonate so deeply… Lilith connects us moon worshiping, snake healing, and wise wild wombyn beings all around the world.


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