A course designed for the Healers who are working in Health.

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Medicus was born out of the Brimstone and transformative fire.
Gifted from my fear, my hesitancy, from me trying to deny my Gifts…
My Birthright – that I am a Healer.

My fear lead to my denial, to keep me and my family safe.
I denied I was a Healer in this life and have been for many others.
I felt there was no other option.
I didn’t know anyone else like me, anyone who felt what I felt, or who could do what I could do.

Operating in Western Health paradigm, I felt I HAD to hide this Magick, this power, just to survive.
I was feared being judged, being condemned and losing everything I had strived and worked so hard for.
So, I dimmed my light and tried to fit in.
I tried to play a game for which I did not know the rules.

If you are here and reading this, I have no doubt that this will resonate with you…this is not the game we signed up for coming to Earth at this time.
We need you to reclaim your Magick and to feel comfortable about stepping into your full self to bring that to your work – to be fully in service to those you are working with.

Medicus was conceived in the crossroads between life, death, birth and rebirth.
I had such fear, as I stood on the cliff face, about to make the leap – to out myself as a Healer, despite Spirits reassurance it would be fine.
I stood on that metaphoric cliff looking down, calculating the risk and all the things that could go wrong if I openly called myself a Healer.

I tried to rationalise my Magick asking myself – how can these two worlds exist with me in them? How is it that these two worlds exist within me?
Spirit was becoming incessant, urging me to come back.
So, I took a big breath, did some CBT on myself.
I didn’t look down at the bottom of the cliff, I lifted my gaze and looked straight ahead.

At these crossroads, I called my Magick back from the shadows where I tried to banish it.
My fear died, and I was reborn.
And I took a step.
I didn’t fall.
I didn’t get burnt at the stake.
I felt so liberated, so free being seen as myself for the first time in this space.

What would it look like if all the hidden Healers in Health and Medicine reclaimed ALL they are? Stepped into their Soul Work and navigate the two worlds ?

Inter pontem is Latin for the ‘bridge between.’
And this is what you are.
Let that land with you.
The bridge between.
It is powerful energy to hold being able to transgress the worlds to bring the Medical into the Spiritual, and importantly the Spiritual into the Medical.

Medicus is a nine month virtual shamanic based rebirth course

  • Giving you access to a community – so you know you are not alone
  • Allow you to access and deepen your magick
  • Monthly group zoom education sessions
  • Private monthly mentoring with Dr Danielle Arabena
  • Shamanic exploration, and practices
  • Meeting your guides, power animals and others that guide you.
  • Initiations, attunements and healings.
  • Understanding of and attunement to Crossroads medicine, including learning how to work in birth and death portal energy
  • Learning how to bridge the medical and spiritual worlds.
  • Personalised Astrology reading that will deepen your understanding of your healing and soul work.
  • Optional in person weekend workshop including making your Rebirth medicine
  • drum

Monthly group zoom calls will be recorded so if you are shift working you will still have access.

INVESTMENT $2999 – with a $999 deposit. 

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