Welcome to 2015

I trust you all had a great Christmas and lived to tell the tale of your New Years Eve.

I have had a few big things going on in my life. The biggest challenge for me this year is my darling, albeit very naughty, mother has had indolent (slow growing) cancer in her blood and bone marrow. The cancer, which has been dormant for several years, has now become active (it’s still low grade but causing a lot of symptoms) and whilst we are dealing with this I have had a chance for reflection.

Last year was crazy busy for me (and stressful) whilst sitting my consultancy exams, and I was looking forward this year to doing all the things I love; including studying acupuncture. Then, with all holidays dramas, acupuncture changed from being something I was excited and interested to do to one more thing on my “to do” and because I had been telling everyone I was doing it (I even got the course text books) I felt I HAD to do it. I started feeling resigned to the course – I was mentally kissing all my free time away, all the fun and laughs and envisioned myself locked away studying like some saddo fairytale character AGAIN.

Then I had a bit of a wake up call – all said and done I realised I wanted EASE in 2015. I wanted to say NO to more stress and maybe daydream about spending a lazy day on the weekend doing NOTHING. I don’t know how mum’s treatment will affect her and I need to be with her during this time. Nobody was going to burst in through my door and take me out of my SELF imposed prison but me. I started testing out the thought with a couple of people.. “ umm you know how I was going to study acupuncture this year? I don’t think I will – I have a lot going on.” I closed my eyes expecting to be struck by lightening and yet I only got applause.

As I let go – I felt a weight lifting off me. I felt happy, vibrant and ready to see 2015 for what it is. I feel like I have some space to create and to BE Present for my mother’s journey and for all of you.

As we start the New Year, have a quick look at your life. Is there something you can let go of? Is there something you think you HAVE to do, but really don’t have to ?

Don’t do it, say no – decreased stress and increased EASE is what the doctor ordered

PS. My mother has needed some blood transfusions and at a personal level I became aware of what a gift a bag of blood can be. I was shocked to read on the Red Cross Website they need 27 000 donations weekly – so if you can please donate – it really is the gift of life for someone and only takes a couple of minutes. Check out the  Red Cross Website for your nearest place to donate blood

Take care,
Danielle xx

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