Embrace life’s magical moments

Do you feel like you want to be connected to magic but it seems like it’s happening to everyone but you? I think we can be so caught up in our mundane lives that we can totally miss the signs Spirit is sending us.

Over the years I have developed a great system for tuning into my inner knowing and will get an affirmation or “spirit tingles” down my spine or the hairs on my arms stand up! Or I start getting what I call “spirit humbugged,” where the signs will continue on and on until I can no longer avoid it – it’s like spirit sending me continual “pokes” and honestly I just end up doing it and once I have taken action all becomes quiet. You should have seen how long I tried to ignore the whole you’re going to do medicine thing! I didn’t stand a chance!! Ha ha

To continue my connection to Spirit I try to incorporate my awareness of signs into my daily life. Are you part of the tribe seeing 11:11? Or maybe you hear a song on the radio that is speaking directly to you.

Is this a coincidence?

I really don’t think so. Spirit will try to communicate with you through anyway it can. You don’t have to have a pack of tarot cards or travel to far flung regions to find answers – you just have to sit quietly, listen and be open. For instance have you ever been talking with someone and they say something albeit randomly that re affirms what you have been pondering or offers a solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem?

Another way I try to embrace the magic is by not going through the motions in our daily routines. For example how often do we get into the car, or on a bus and have not really been present, but thinking of work or relationships, and then when we arrive at our destination we sort of come out of our self induced trance not really noticing how we got there?

On my drive to and from work I try to practice mindfulness so I am totally in the moment. During these times I am joyfully reminded of the uplifting effect nature has on me. I smile as I drive past the cows or goats going about their day, I have pulled over to take a photo of a spectacular sunset (over the traffic that was driving past) or when I am working late and step out of the office rather than hurrying to my car, I gaze at the sky to see the stars and lift my face to the moon. Through these interactions I reaffirm my connection to nature and as a healer this is important.

I have had many magical signs, affirmations and little whispers of inner knowing or guidance in my life – but the real magic happens when I listen to them and if I need to, act on them.

Magical moments happen every day if we are open to them.

Do you think you are open to magic? Have you had any signs over the last week you would like to share?

Take care and have a blessed week,
Danielle xx]]>