Dark Moon

When I was younger I was always about the Full Moon thinking this was the most significant and “witchy” phase of the lunar cycle, but as I grow older I am feeling into the energy of the Dark Moon. It fact in my busy, often hectic life honouring the energy of the Dark Moon is something I really look forward to!

In our society we have grown to develop many negative associations with the concept of “dark,” however darkness in this context has nothing to do with
“evil “or “black magic” but reflects more on what is unknown, hidden or unseen. Unfortunately we have been taught to suspect and fear the unknown. But we have nothing to fear at all from the Dark Moon Goddess’ gifts.

What is it that I love about the Dark Moon?

Well it’s about endings and completions. If we think about the lunar cycle as if it were a life cycle of a plant, the dark moon represents the time when the fruit withers, the plant decomposes and all the life force goes into the seed capsule which remains dormant underground, awaiting germination and new growth.

The end of a cycle is merely a transition into birthing a new one and the Dark Moon provides you with an opportunely to reflect on your last month.

Was it too busy? Did you take too much on? Was your self care not happening?
The Dark Moon phase is a time of retreat, healing and dreaming of the future whilst sitting in quiet reflection.

What is the energy you want to put into your “seed” – what is it you want your next month to look like?

The Dark Moon is a time to embrace on your wisdom, your innate knowing what you need and to let go of things that no longer serve you. And REST did I mention that?

As a Spiritual practice, try reflecting on your growth, dreams and goals of the last month during the Dark Moon. What worked well and what maybe didn’t work as well? This is where you can embrace your shadow, things that are less perfect, things that need healing. This is where you learn to love and honour ALL aspects of yourself.

Write a list of things you need to lovingly let go of, or things/thoughts that no longer serve you. Declutter your thoughts and energy – Konmari the shit out of them!

Once I have made my list I will often go outside and burn the list into a small bowl (no need to set your house on fire!). Or maybe you want to make some Dark Moon prayers that honour you during this time of introspection and what you are letting go of.

Send your energy into the new seed / the new you that will germinate and grow through out the next month, and when it comes to the Dark Moon next month you can see how you went.

Enjoy this sacred time of retreat, rest and deep visioning. Be kind to yourself – and if making a list seems too hard – just rest, eat well, watch Netflix and go to bed early xx

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