About Me

My life has always been about service, compassion and healing. 

I have always been aware of Spirit and had a strong connection to something beyond the physical realm. I have a lot of childhood memories of interacting with Spirit, and recently I had a profound dream in which my finger was pierced by three Torres Strait Islander women telling me it was time to ‘wake up’. This was the first dream in which I was lucid and aware of leaving my body and shape shifting into a  wolf.

It was… as the young or the hip-at-heart would say ‘pretty rad’ and a very rapid opening into my healing gift.

Being a descendant of the Meriam Mer Clan groups in the Torres Strait this was a significant dream. As a young girl growing up in Brisbane, I felt quite isolated and and knew no one else like me – who could do what I could do . In dreams, I was receiving teachings in energy healing and crystal surgery from various spiritual teachers. I became aware that my Spirit could leave my body and I could travel into other people’s bodies. It was mind-blowing to say the least.

Much later in life, I embarked on the journey of completing my two higher education degrees. I always felt compelled to have that ‘qualified paper’ to safeguard my work as an energy healer/ Light worker. During this journey I met my husband and started my family, I was a happy little healer!

The studies continued. I became a qualified Reiki Master, Infant Massage Instructor, Bodyworker and studied a whole range of healing modalities including aromatherapy and herbal medicine. I even flirted with the idea of becoming a yoga teacher.

But Spirit had different ideas.

It was about 20 years ago, that Spirit began to whisper in my ear about a ‘one-stop shop’ for women.  I can see now it was to be an integrative practice to hold my Healing clinics and teaching workshops, however I never envisioned I would be the doctor in this scenario. 

When Spirit started showing me my medical doctor path, I did a pretty good job of ignoring it for several years. I had two young children and I had begun my Nursing/Midwifery studies. But the call to study medicine was incessant. It was around this time that my father’s health was challenged and before I knew it, I completed my Bachelor of Nursing degree and working in the hospital system.

As a healer, I found myself constantly challenged working long shift-hours in a hospital environment and being so sensitive to picking up all the different energies around me. 

I was too open.

I was too aware of people’s pain or sadness. 

So I started to dim my light.

Around this time I stepped onto the path that Spirit had shown me. I applied for and was accepted into medicine.

On the first day of my medical degree course, the lecturer said ‘if you believe in homeopathy, you should leave now’ (or words to that effect).  I already felt I shouldn’t be in that lecture hall as I never studied science subjects (besides biology) in high school and I remember thinking to myself, ‘well what if I can leave my body and and travel into someone for a look around?’.

I dimmed my light further and started jumping through the medical profession hoops.

Spirit, it seems, wouldn’t let me off easy and wouldn’t let me walk totally away from who I truly am.  I discovered this when I attended my first medical conference with the Australian Indigenous Doctor’s Association in Alice Springs.

In Australia’s Red Centre, I met the two most remarkable Ngangkaris (Aboriginal Healers). I sat in the audience listening to their presentation through an interpreter with my heart expanding a hundred-fold and my jaw dropping simultaneously. These Ngangkari men spoke of the things I could do and had been taught! These healers could fly in spirit and feel energy in their hands when healing people, just like I could, yet they were raised in ritual and ceremony where this healing modality was openly acknowledged, accepted, and well-respected  passed down through a from a strong ancestral lineage.

Suffice to say when I introduced myself to these loving Ngangkaris I just started crying and over the years that followed, we developed a very special relationship. They have since passed and yet their teachings, compassion and healing continues in me. Having these two old men in my life has brought me so many riches and understanding, I feel blessed. – and I miss them so.

So now I am a consultant, a medical educator and have reclaimed myself as shamanic healer and I would like to be of service to you. 

As a teacher of women’s mysteries and a shamanic woman crafter I believe we need to more actively honor our sacred path in life. We need more ritual, more ceremony and more magic in our lives.

If you are feeling the call to connect with nature, and connect more fully to your infinite feminine wisdom, click to find out more about my Healing Clinics, Holistic Pelvic Care Clinics, and workshops including Birth Drum Alchemy.]]>