Holistic Pelvic Care

Holistic Pelvic Care

This unique healing therapy is deeply sacred ‘women’s business’ and is an empowering integrative modality for women wanting to bridge allopathic medicine, energetic and spiritual work, and most importantly connect to your inner authentic core vitality or ‘root’.

While this is a very gentle healing modality, the effects for women are profound. I personally experienced immense changes within myself after just one session. It was then that I understood that I had the opportunity to help women on a much deeper, more spiritual, more nurturing level
than I could with medicine alone. It’s why I feel so honoured and excited to offer this profound healing modality in my clinic.

Holistic Pelvic CareTM (HPC) was developed by women’s holistic healthcare visionary, Tami Lynn Kent MSPT, using physical and energetic tools to address chronic tension and pelvic imbalances caused by physical or emotional stress, poor posture and prolonged sitting, childbirth, childhood trauma or energy blocks.

Like any muscle in the body, the pelvic muscles can get a build-up of lactic acid and cellular debris leading to tension, congestion and muscular imbalances which restrict blood and energy flow to the pelvic space.

The HPC techniques are designed to address pelvic congestion and tension to enhance
overall pelvic, vaginal health and general sense of wellbeing.

What can HPC help with?

  • Pelvic pain, pelvic floor weakness, pain with intercourse, urinary leakage, prolapse
  • Menstrual symptoms
  • Fertility issues
  • Help with the transition into menopause
  • Help heal from traumatic birth experiences and pregnancy losses
  • Postpartum care
  • Help the pelvic area recover post surgery
  • Help your body recover after sexual assault (in conjunction with psychologist or counsellor)
  • Teach you tools to help with you with your own health and healing.

You don’t need to have pelvic symptoms to benefit from HPC. Whether you are suffering from pelvic symptoms or simply want to connect more deeply with your root, HPC connects you to your sacred feminine wellness and vitality. Women benefit from receiving annual HPC realignments as a part of their general wellness plan or when preparing for pregnancy.

What can I expect during a HPC session?

In the first session, Dr Danielle will take a detailed history and provide education regarding pelvic anatomy. She will then assess your pelvic muscles intervaginally to review muscle imbalances and chronic tension patterns. Then Dr Danielle will do a gentle intervaginal massage with myofascial release and trigger point work while using energetic tools such as restorative breathwork and visualisation to help balance and realign the energetic and physical aspect of the pelvic space.

*This massage is gentle and respective, and should never hurt.

Follow-up sessions begin with a brief re-assessment and then focus primarily on treatment and rebalancing.

*Two sessions of HPC are initially recommended.

Kind Words

Thank you Dr Arabena for opening my heart and mind to my feminine power.

After having the holistic pelvic treatment for the first time I connected with my womb space and understood the importance of this.  I have nurtured and respected my feminine energy and power source ever since and also bought this knowledge to others in my Reiki practice.

Combining the insight I received from the treatment and the Sacred Birth CD that I bought I have been able to heal and come to peace with past trauma and have connected back with myself and the lessons I’ve learned from my experiences.

I listen to my Sacred Birth CD several times a week and use it during Reiki Treatments and meditation classes that I run, I am so grateful for the healing this music brings not only to myself but to those with whom I share.

Thank you 🙏🏽 for the gifts meeting you has given me, I’m eternally grateful ♥


It was 10 weeks after the birth of my first baby when I saw Dr Danielle for a holistic pelvic care session. From the moment I sat down and began to share my story a powerful and deeply sacred process began to unfold. Dr Danielle guided me through a transformative journey of self discovery through her healing hands and powerful shamanic techniques.

These sessions had a profound impact on my connection with baby and his birthing story. I developed a greater appreciation of my pelvic bowl and reconnected with my body post birth, allowing me to value and heal the creative powerhouse that it is! I also had an opportunity to explore ancestral ties that have helped me heal and connect to my roots. I cannot speak more highly of this type of holistic pelvic care for women.

Thank you Dr Danielle for bringing this sacred women’s business back to medicine.

Belinda G