Birthing Alchemy

Witch School

1-5 August 2019
Clear Mountain, Brisbane

Come and join Dr Danielle Arabena - a medical doctor, Doula, Witch, healer and blood priestess, for a five day mind blowing, womb tingling experience where you step into your magical self.

For lifetimes women who helped those standing at the birth altar were persecuted and their gifts and knowledge were debased and stolen from them.

Now Grandmother tree is calling birth workers to step in and reclaim the sacredness and ceremony of Birth.

Reclaim. Remember.  Reconnect and BECOME.

During this five day journey you will discover how birthing alchemy can work for you personally and in the birth space.

It’s witch school.

What we will be covering

  • Witch Magic 101 – protection, energy work, energetic body, chakras, crystal grids, tuning into your intuition
  • Connection with seasonal, sabbat and moon magic
  • Understanding menstrual and womb ecologies from physiological, shamanic and energetic viewpoints
  • Learn how to conduct ceremonies for a sacred birth
  • Align with and attune to Sacred Birth energy
  • Learn how Birth is a shamanic process which can rebirth all those who are present
  • Discover your birth work power animal
  • Shamanic journey with Goddesses and Grandmother tree
  • Deep dive into the magic of Lilith – overcoming fears, blocks and persecutions


Experience the deep feminine alchemy of birthing your own drum

Birth Drum Alchemy

Over two days you will Birth your own shamanic drum working with your birth imprint. This deep process will transmute you, allowing you to heal yourself and your lineage on numerous levels.

You'll also receive these Birthing Alchemy gifts:

  • A snake magic imbued drum beater
  • Drum frame and hide
  • 2 x 13 Moons Medicine Alchemy Sprays (straight out of Dr Danielle’s Alchemy apothecary)
    • Praesidium
    • Witchborn


Investment: $2,499


For payment plans, please contact

Recommended Accommodation

Clear Mountain Lodge
2 mins walk to Workshop space
$159 per Superior Room - two queen beds per room (ie two people can share)
Price includes buffet breakfast.
Use Code: BB101


Birthing Drum Alchemy Testimonials

"This workshop? Can I just Danielle is the real deal - I call her my "witch doctor" - which is exactly what she is! She is so down to earth, relatable and no bullshit real world mixed with fiesty witchy wisdom.... I won't lie. This workshop really challenged me. I connected so many dots I had never focused much on before in my life and it really helped me to birth the latest incarnation of my spirit - as a very supported and balanced wise woman. I absolutely loved sitting in circle and seeing how different all our birth stories were and how they connected to the drum medicine we uncovered. When making my drum, I encountered a few challenges which really reflected my life story, but also uncovered so much magic within me through our journey work which I'm super excited to explore further when the time is right. Hearing the sound of my drum being played for the first time was pure joy, i actually can't believe I made it! So proud of myself! I consider myself a creative person, but not very patient - so this was something that really gave me the best of both worlds. It really is something special and is one of those once in a lifetime things I'll cherish forever!"

Sarah Wilder

I went into this workshop not really knowing what to expect and a little hesitant to bring up things from the past that I had buried, but after two transformative days with Danielle, filled with love and support, I left feeling much lighter. The process itself was full of challenges but I came out the other side with a deeper understanding of self, of my journey and i know a deep healing has begun. For someone who is not really into arts and crafts, this drum is truly the most amazing thing i have ever created with my own hands, and I feel so proud when I look at it, and I know the sound it makes as I play it is just for me. It's a truly magical experience and if you are lucky enough to get the chance to have this experience for yourself, I strongly encourage you to take it!"

Danique Rambo