Elements Meditation Album

We are disconnected. Disconnected from that which can help facilitate healing within us. Have you forgotten how good it feels to stand barefoot on the grass, to watch birds in flight or to sit around a fire under the moonlight? Indigenous cultures understand the importance of daily connection to the elements for healing and inner growth. This album is a sacred journey. The drumming at the beginning of the Earth track invites you to leave your current world, to open the door, leaving the mundane to stand in a forest surrounded by tall trees. This is where the magic happens. Through the drumming you are connecting to the Earth, connecting to the elements and expanding yourself. You are invited to stand barefoot on the forest floor and breathe deeply as you experience the wonder of the world around us, as you journey through the elements. The drumming at the end of the Spirit track will bring you home again relaxed, renewed and with the knowledge you can reconnect at any time. Enjoy, Danielle xxx

What’s included in the download

  • Track 1 – Earth (10:06)
  • Track 2 – Water (10:01)
  • Track 3 – Air (10.09)
  • Track 4 – Fire (10:05)
  • Track 5 – Spirit (20:01)


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