Sacred Birth

Birth is a time when we stand at a threshold of change and it is where we can truly channel and connect with our own power and divinity. Sacred Birth is an album gifted from Spirit to midwife with the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of Birth, whether it is a physical birth, birthing a business, a new project or an idea. It also relates to rebirth where we undergo transitions, spiritual growth, reinventions or new cycles.

The first track, Birth Tree, encourages us to connect to our natural environment and call in our power as we stand at the gateway of Mother preparing for Birth. Traditionally women would have sacred places to birth, and would lean back and be supported by the Birth tree and Mother Earth during her labour.

Birth Waters is the journey inwards where floating in calm waters being held and protected, you connect and nurture what most sacred and precious.

Cosmic Birth is about transitions and the alchemic change that happens during pregnancy, birth and delivery. Gentle and uplifting it helps us connect our higher power and true Selves.

In this album, meditones have been combined with powerful, healing music & light codes activated by Danielle to create a deeply meditative experience that is perfect for beginners or experienced meditators alike.


Meditones help you produce relaxed brain waves with a simple pair of headphones. They are precisely tuned frequencies of sound, that when heard with headphones, guide your brain into effortless relaxation and deep meditation. Remember to use headphones for the full meditones effect. NB: Meditones are unsuitable for people suffering epilepsy.

Sacred Birth

  • Birthing Tree (20:01)
  • Birth Waters (20:06)
  • Cosmic Birth (20:01)
  • Accompanying Booklet

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